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  • This website was updated on 11/29/2015.
  • NY Area Shareday set for Sunday 1/17/2016; planning meetings still held EACH WEEK, Friday 6-6:45 pm. The meeting is weekly at Caffe Bene, at 6 West 14th Street near 5th Ave (south side of the street). This location is several blocks from the 7pm Self-Employed meeting at 12 West 12th, around the corner on 5th Ave. Many opportunities for service. Email for more information. Or download the flyer to learn more.
  • Annual Spring Retreat at Wilson House. Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3, 2016. Please download the flyer to get more information, directions or sign up early.
  • Change to Intergroup meeting dates for Dec. Because of conflicts in 2015, the December meeting will be Thu, Dec 10. There will also be a meeting Thu, Jan 7, before the NY Shareaday.
  • NYC Meeting List is available. Coming soon at your local group meeting, get a free copy of the meeting list. A draft copy of the soon-to-be-published list of October 2015 is now available here.
  • GSR Information listed here. The time and location of the monthly GSR meeting is listed here. Please check back for a special page for the GSR information coming soon.
  • Seeking stories about DA Founder. In preparation for D.A.’s gala 40th anniversary celebration in 2015-2016, the fellowship’s Archives are collecting memories of DA founder John Henderson. Download the flyer for more information.
  • The DA Treasurer's Guide. Get valuable advice from DA's General Service Office about how to fulfill this important service.
  • DA Recorded Speakers online. Hear or download recorded stories of experience, strength & hope from recovering debtors in NY on our website.
  • Blank "We Care" sheet available here.

Last update: 11/18/2015

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